10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

If you get stressed, overwhelmed or sluggish on Mondays, don't worry, you are not the only one!

Monday is the day that we usually don't have enough passion and motivation to face a whole new week of work and challenges. Dragging yourself back into work on a Monday after a relaxing weekend is probably one of the hardest things in a week. Luckily, we've got some tips to help make your Monday better!

1. Prepare a list of things you are excited about

Think about a list of things that you are excited about in the week, it can be work related or just stuffs in your life, then wake up on Monday with that excitement. 

Feeling hopeful will put you in a positive mood - there are annoying tasks to overcome, but you also have something you look forward to.

2. Get enough sleep

It's recommended to get enough sleep on Sunday night. Go to bed early, have about 8 hours of sleep and feel well-rested.

Don't skip breakfast after waking up! A healthy breakfast is a mood booster that keeps you feeling energetic for the day. 

3. Unplug the weekend

Don't check your emails or even voicemails throughout the weekend. If possible, try not to stay long with your phone and laptop on Sunday. Research shows that one reason Monday feels especially frustrating is because we let it creep into our off-time, so it we may not feel like we had a weekend at all. Try to create a boundary between weekends and weekdays!

4. Take some small breaks throughout the day 

Don’t sit in to your cubicle facing the screen all day. Stepping outside for some breaks will make your Monday feels shorter. Take a walk to get some fresh air, avoid eating lunch at the desk, or hit the gym for a quick workout.

5. Have a Monday night plan

Just like your Friday night plans after work, you will need to have a Monday night plan as well. Plan a special evening with friends, family, love ones or with yourself alone. This is another way to give you motivation and something to look forward to throughout your work day.

6. Make another person happy

Psychological studies show that one of the best ways to cheer yourself up is to make someone else happy. Compliment a co-worker, take a extra step for a client, do a favor to someone you don't work directly with, or even help out a stranger on the street. These are some common and easy ways to make someone else’s day a better one.

7. Dress for success

Wear something bright to feel more confident when you head to work. You can also save your latest beautiful purchase for Monday morning. 

Showing and sharing your spirit and charisma is another useful way to be energetic on a Monday. Make the office vibe better by looking pretty! 

8. Treat yourself 

Make your Monday rewarding by allowing yourself an extra piece of chocolate, purchasing all (or some of) your shopping cart items during lunch break, drinking one more glass of wine at night. And if you are on a diet, why not make Monday your cheat day!

9. Think positively 

A positive mindset cures negativity. The best way to stay positive is to focus more on the good sides of everything, then you will be provided with the energy for a productive Monday. 

10. Plan ahead on Friday

Last but not least, plan a Monday schedule on Friday before leaving work. There is nothing worse than going through a blue Monday with no direction, so a schedule can make you feel organised and prepared.

Try not to overload yourself though, have a light schedule, especially in the beginning of the week.