7 Golden Rules to De-stress over the Weekend

Saturday and Sunday are meant for relaxation and recovery, a period to unwind and cool off a week's work.

You probably often have such feeling that weekend just passes so fast that you didn't relax enough. How can you ensure you make the most of your weekends? The key is to check in with yourself, choose the right the weekend rituals that get you in the right state of mind. 

Here is a list of weekend activities that help to relieve stress, energise your mind and body to get ready for the new week. 

1. Spend time with nature

Take a walk outside, somewhere that has fresh air and greeneries, to experience nature at its finest. During the week we mostly stay indoor working in a cold air-conditioned office and hardly get time for the beauty of nature. Taking time to explore nature outdoors is therapeutic and a sure way to de-stress both physically and mentally. 

2. Sweat release through exercises 

Workout is scientifically proven to boost your mood and relieve stress. Feeling restless for intense tough exercises? no worries, try Yoga. Yoga is rising quickly in popularity as it’s a healthy exercise that fits all age groups. Your mind becomes calmer as your focus on breathing during a yoga. Moreover, it's very fulfilling to see the exercises pay out, that your flexibility gets improved. Don't get lazy and sweat out your stress. 

3. Cooking 

With the internet, it has never been easier to quickly look up a recipe and go for it. Pick a dish you like and cook it yourself or with your family, find the step-by-step videos online to guide you along the way.

Cooking is soothing because it encourages creativity as you mix ingredients together and make them into something wonderful. Also, if you make a meal for people you care about, you get nurtured by their appreciation, hereby increases confidence and reduces anxiety. 

4.  Unplug 

Why allow technology to drain all of your precious free time? Don't fall into the trap of being on your phone for the whole day — put your phone and laptop away for at least for part of the weekend. This will help you sleep better and prevent technology-induced stress and burnout. Replace your gadgets with a book, a board game, a gathering with friends.  

5. Clean and organise the house  

Yes, no kidding! but this doesn't mean just laundry and dish washing. While house cleaning may not seem very relaxing, it can be an extremely rewarding effort. Blast some music and get to dusting.

Besides just house cleaning, try a change of scenery at your house. Rearrange your living room or bedroom can be a creative way to get the energy flowing again.

6. Gain a new experience

Try something new that you've never done before - visit a new restaurant, order a new type of wine, watch a new movie, buy something new from grocery shopping, you name it. Acquiring a new experience reduces the feeling of boredom and repetition. New joyful memory is such a reward for the whole week of hard work. 

7. Take time off everything

While the idea of relaxation involves activities that relieve stress, a de-stressing technique that may be easily ignored, is doing practically nothing. Simply get away in your mind and block out potential things that are capable of swinging your mood.

The work days are about deadlines and meetings already, so enjoy having a block of time or a day, on your own, to be uncommitted and unscheduled.