How to Get Motivated to Work out

It can be hard sometimes to find the right motivation to get yourself active and commit to work out. You want to make it a healthy routine while you are not a fitness enthusiast. The simple goal of improving your health is just not enough of a driving factor to keep you going. 

With that struggle in mind, we’ve summarised the most effective ways for you get yourself more motivated to workout regularly - and more importantly, stay motivated.

Set goals

For any plan to be successful, you must set goals for yourself along the way. For greater effectiveness, try to set both smaller goals (so you can feel accomplished each time after workout) and one large long-term goal.

Smaller goals can be micro-challenges, for example, if you are 5 minute away from a 30 minute mark, you'll push yourself to the 5 minutes. Month-long exercise plans with a progress tracker can be especially helpful, in regards to achieving long-term fitness goals. 

Invest in more workout clothes

Having the outfit for your workout can be surprisingly helpful for boosting your motivation, as you feel bad if your new clothes are just laying in the closet! 

In addition to increasing your motivation, having the right workout clothes can improve your overall workout experience, because workout clothes are designed with flexibility and breathability in mind. 

Have a killer music playlist ready to go

We all have songs that make us feel energised and ready to get up and go. Therefore, making a music playlist loaded up with those favorites and playing it during a workout can significantly increase both your motivation and your energy level. 

Wear a fitness tracker

Being able to track the specifics of your fitness progress is a big motivation. After all, nothing can convince you to keep going quite like real tangible proof about how far you’ve already come! 

This can also offer great health benefits, since it allows you to keep track of critical stats like your blood pressure and heart rate to ensure that you don’t push yourself too hard.

Compete with any/everyone in the gym

Embrace your competitive side if you've got it. If you work out in a gym, try secretly competing with whoever is exercising beside you, whether you know them or now. You may feel like you need to work harder to be better than them. 

Also, the energy of others keeps you going in the moments you want to quit. You may feel like you are accountable to keep the energy flowing. You never want to be the person who quits and leaves early.

Remember that “feel good” post-exercise feeling

You know that feeling of awesome endorphin rush you get after completing a tough workout? Make sure not to forget it; when you are getting lazy, tell yourself you will get that euphoric feeling of victory again if you hit the gym. 

If you really want to go the extra step, try keeping a fitness journal; not only is it a great way for chronicling what you’re doing each time, you can add in notes about how invigorated you feel after each workout, giving you something positive to look back when you need another boost of motivation to keep going.

Reward yourself

Implementing a rewards system for yourself can also increase your level of motivation. Nothing gets a person focused on accomplishing a goal quite like the knowledge that something good is waiting for them once they achieve it.

If you are not motivated by vague goals like “better health”, "body circulation" or "wealth control", plan some real rewards, it can be whatever you want! Whether it’s a new movie, a fancy smoothie or buy the items from your online shopping cart, treat yourself once you’ve met one of your fitness goal. After all, you’ve worked hard and you deserve it!