Top 5 Weekend Zen Tea Rooms in Singapore

It’s easy to find awesome coffee shops, brunch cafes and bars in Singapore. Quiet tea shops, however, are a bit more obscure and difficult to stumble upon.

We’ve rounded up some great tea rooms in Singapore that are ideal for tasting, reading or simply taking an afternoon Zen break. Not only are the teas stellar in these 5 places, but they’re worth a trip for their atmosphere and small bites!  

Tea Bone Zen Mind

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Check out Tea Bone Zen Mind for an authentic traditional tea experience. This elegant tea room, which sits on 2 three-storey shophouses, is a quiet space and presents a union of tea cultures from Chinese, Japanese and English.

It's a place where you can relax your mind and fully immerse in the smell and taste of tea. The moment we stepped in to Tea Bone Zen Mind, we felt that we left the hustle of urban living behind and entered a peaceful sanctuary. The team at the tea room also displayed a great sense of sensitiveness to make us feel taken care of, but at the same time giving us sufficient privacy. 

Tea Bone Zen Mind: 98 Emerald Hill Rd, Singapore 229374 
Tel: +65 6334 4212
Opening hours: (Mon-Sat) 11am – 7pm, closed on Sunday

Katasumi Koohii

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This Zen cafe is tucked away in a quiet street at Outram Park. From the outside, you would not even see its sign – instead, look for Grassroots Book Store (草根書室). You will find the café and seating area after walking pass shelves of treasured books, many related to The Little Prince.

Katasumi Koohii serves at a great resting place for reading and lingering, with a retro vibe and old school hand written menu. We strongly recommend the Salted Caramel Roll Cake, which is lightly sweeten and has smooth mellow texture.

Katasumi Koohii: 25 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089839
Tel: +65 6334 4212
Opening hours: (Mon, Wed-Sat) 12pm – 8pm, (Sun) 12pm-6pm, closed on Tuesday

Hvala Chijmes

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Hvala’s outlet at Chijmes is a Japanese tea room with an elaborate selection of more than 30 Matcha and Hojicha tea options.

Thoughtfully designed to look like a Japanese teahouse, the space has a Zen touch with wooden elements incorporated into every single details, balancing beauty and simplicity. You can find your inner Zen here with a calming cup of green tea or take part in a Japanese tea ceremony.

Hvala Chijmes: 30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 6334 4212
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 9:30am – 9:30pm

Shan Cha Cafe 


This casual tea café is notable for its exclusive Taiwanese teas imported by the owner, Taiwanese bites and sweet potato mini waffles if you are carving for a sweet treat! Grab a seat in this corner hide out, which elicits a quiet-getaway atmosphere.

A must try at Shan Cha is its hot milk tea made from freshly brewed Taiwanese earl grey and fresh foamed milk. 

Shan Cha Cafe: 22 Cross St, #01-63 China Square, Singapore 048421
Tel: +65 6222 3695
Opening hours: (Mon-Thu) 8am – 6pm, (Fri) 8am-8pm, (Sat) 10am-6pm, closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

Tea Chapter

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Right opposite Maxwell, you will find Tea Chapter, a traditional tea room that has over 20 years of history. Being the only tea room graced by The Queen of England, Tea Chapter has revived the Chinese style shophouse to its former glory with unique elements like pillared wood ceiling, round entry way and lots of bamboo. 

This tea room is especially known for its tea appreciation workshop, where teas are prepared with the extensive equipments at the right water temperature and with the proper steps. At Tea Chapter, sipping a cup of tea is an art and a stairway to spiritual peace.

Tea Chapter: 9 Neil Road Singapore 088808
Tel: +65 6226 1175
Opening hours: (Sun-Thu) 11am – 9pm, (Fri-Sat) 11am - 10:30pm