Top 10 Hobbies to Reduce Stress

Getting away from the occasional bursts of stress is not possible at all times. Although we can’t control lots of problems in life, we can take charge of our mental well-being by engaging in activities that can reduce stress and help us build healthy daily life routines. 

In addition to eating well, getting enough sleeping, practicing yoga and learning meditation, there are also a number of hobbies that have been scientifically proven to help in better stress management.

1. Gardening

Many of us do not own a garden living in Singapore, but how about getting some plants and flowers in your balcony? Gardening can be a great stress reliever for many reasons, including focusing your attention in one activity instead of flashing back the stressful events, doing some physical exercises, getting you into the sunshine and fresh air, creating a beautiful outdoor area to come home to each day, and more.

2. Explore photography

Capturing moments of happiness is yet another useful way of managing stress. You don't need to create true art from photography, but try to simply learn to take more better pictures of your friends, family and surroundings, from a tasty weekend brunch, to a piece of cloud with a cute shape,  As you practice seeing the world through the eye of a photographer, you see the world as a more beautiful place in your daily life.

3. Painting / Art Jamming

Painting is a common way to process emotions, distract yourself, and achieve other stress management benefits. Art jamming cultivates a relaxing mindset similar to meditation, as it allows the brain to switch off your endless thoughts and focus just on what you're doing in the moment.

4. Puzzles

Solving puzzles requires a great amount of concentration, hereby takes away all of one’s attention. Solving puzzles or playing board games such as Chess with friends is a great way to get involved in a mentally healthy activity while keeping stress and negative thoughts at bay.

5. Cooking/baking

In case you are a foodie and have a sweet-tooth, cooking/baking is the top choice for you to reduce stress. Cooking is soothing because it encourages creativity as you mix ingredients together and make them into something wonderful. Also, if you make a meal for people you care about, you get nurtured by their appreciation, hereby increases confidence and reduces anxiety.

6. Journaling

Journaling brings you into that state of mindfulness; past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge in the present moment. Similar to other stress-relieve activities, it calls a wandering mind to attention, from passivity to actively engaging with your thoughts.

Also, studies show that when we translate an experience into language we essentially make the experience graspable, so Expressive writing is a route to healing.

7. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is an activity that will keep you significantly busy during your free time hence allowing you to ignore all the stress-inducing negative emotions. This is because scrapbooking involves the use of both artistic skills and management skills.

8. Maintain an aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium requires regular attention while it's not overwhelming. Watching aquarium fish calms down your mind, reduce blood pressure and stabilize heart rate. Keeping an aquarium also provides you with the opportunity to create something unique: your own mix of fish, rock, and plant life.

9. Own a pet

In case you feel lonely, having a pet along your side could be one of the most rewarding experiences. In order to take care of a pet, you will have to give your time and energy, to a rather healthier cause. Spending time with your furry 4-leg friend can be more than just leisure time. 

10. Hiking

A lot of people go for a hiking trip every week in order to ward off the week’s combined stress. Hiking is a great way to feel accomplished and to put your physical self at work. All in all, it is a stress-relieving hobby that's healthy for the body and the mind.