Top 10 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

How's your sleep quality?  A normal person genuinely takes 15 to 20 minutes to fall asleep after laying down on the bed. If you are taking more than that it might be a sign of sleep problems.

Sleep itself is such an important activity that is required for the adequate functioning of the body and brain relaxation. For some people, sleeping is as simple as lying down and blacking out, but for others it is not. There are people who literally take a lot of time to sleep, due to anxiety, stress or just a feeling of having too much in mind. However, there are some effective techniques which will help you sleep faster as well as with more ease.

1.    Regulate the room temperature

The place we sleep must be very peaceful and relaxing. This will make us sleep faster if the room conditions are pleasant, harmonious and calm. It is scientifically proven that lower room temperature works better than high temperature, as lower temperature calms down the heart rate and digestion system. Once our heart rate and digestion system are calmer, they send a signal to the brain about sleeping and brain releases the hormone melatonin which provokes sleep. The ideal room temperature for sleep is between 18 to 24 celcius. 

2.    Yes, there is the ideal sleep position

Sometimes we do not look closely at our sleeping positions. However, it is a proven fact that sleeping position lays a great importance in for those who have difficulty sleeping. Generally, if you mostly have this habit of sleeping on your back or your front then it may cause some discomfort, even if you don't feel the discomfort strongly. This is because scientists suggest that we should sleep on our side which helps reduce any air blockages, hence making us more comfortable and sleep faster.

3.    Wear the most casual nightwear

The clothes in which we sleep in matter a lot, too. To sleep faster, it is necessary to sleep in comfortable soft clothes. Try going for cotton clothes rather than sleeping in synthetic or tight fitting clothes. Loose fitting clothes on its behalf will help us become easy in bed and fall asleep faster.

4.    Bed time meditation and stretching yoga poses 

Most of the time we are unable to sleep due to stress and anxiety. The best cure to stress and anxiety is to meditate or do some simple yoga. These physical exercises help us to become mentally stable and hereby release stress. 

5.    A warm shower should definitely be a regular ritual

A warm shower has this amazing capability of regulating the body temperature of a person. When we take a warm shower and immediately enters a cool room, it sends a signal to the brain that the body wants to relax now.

6.    Restrict the intake of caffeine at night

This may be common sense but it is important! We must limit the use of caffeine before sleep because it keeps the brain active. We may end up having a lot of thoughts in mind and keep recalling what happened in the day. To slow down our brain, it is recommended that the use of caffeine must be restricted at night. Replace coffee, black tea and even cokes with other calming herbal drinks.

7.    Reading

Reading is another way which can help us fall asleep faster. Perhaps we all have the experience when it's hard to focus on bed time reading as we get tired easily and may fall asleep in the midway. Reading distracts us from having too many thoughts and recalls from things happened in the day. Pick something that's easy to read, don't go for intense work or study related materials :) 

8.    Phone down! and other electronic devices!

Electronic devices make our brain get occupied with them. We may all have the experience that we just feel less sleepy as we spend more time on phone. A peaceful sleep is all electronics free. 

9.    Scent the room with essential oils and spray

Lavender is the perfect calming smell. While it does not need to be Lavender, use pillow mist or essential oil diffuser to fill your room with calming scents you like. The scent will loosen your nerve by creating an environment you are comfortable with. It makes you wake up feeling refreshed, too. 

10.    Sleep-enhancing medication? ok, if necessary, but not the best idea on its own. 

There are various supplements that enhance sleep which include magnesium, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), melatonine and theanine etc. These supplements release hormones to the brain to make us sleepy. However, it's always the healthiest to develop and keep on with some good practices first. After all, our well-being comes with a healthy lifestyle, not just medication. Order Zenkle Box and explore a box of wellness items that help you build up healthy habits!