Body Scrub 101 - What you Need to Know About Exfoliation

There are few things more pampering than a full body SPA with a body scrub, especially in an urban environment surrounded by toxins.

Many people may think that body scrub is not a necessity, but do you know that it is one of the best ways to take care of our biggest organ – our skin? Every hour our skin sheds up to 40,000 cells, which can create skin problems if we do not pay attention. In fact, our skin has a 27 day renewal cycle, and proper skin care is the only way to ensure the healthy and vitality of our skin.

What is a Body Scrub?

Body scrub is a wellness regime that gently exfoliate your skin, promoting cellular renovation, reducing cellulite and giving your skin a healthy glow. A good body scrub consists of 3 main components – carrier oil, scrub and essential oils: 

Carrier oil – Most body scrubs will use coconut oil, almond oil or shea butter as a base to help the scrub glide over your skin. The carrier oil improves the scrub experience and also serves to moisturize the skin. 
Scrub – The grainy texture in a body scrub is usually made from salt, brown or refined sugar, which serves to gently exfoliate your skin removing dead skin, reducing cellulite and improve blood circulation.
Note: Sugar particles are smaller and hence, body scrub with sugar are gentler on the skin. Salt is a better exfoliator and it has antiseptic properties, which can heal and reduce skin inflammation.  
Essential oil – The essential oils in a body scrub gives it additional benefits and charming smell. Common essential oils found in body scrubs are rose, lavender and peppermint.
Other nice things - Some body scrubs also include ingredients for a more targeted body scrub experience such as citrus, yogurt, green tea and coffee.

Why Do You Need a Body Scrub?

1. Skin renewal
At any point, there are 25-30 layers of dead cells on the skin! By including body scrub as part of your wellness regime, the gentle exfoliation your skin will remove dead cells, unveiling healthy skin and promoting cellular renovation. The older you get, the more assistance your skin will require with this renewal process.
2. Skin hydration
Skin moisture is extremely crucial for healthy skin. Without regular body scrub, you can end up with clogged pores from toxins and dead cells, which block moisture from getting into the deeper layers. Overtime, the skin develops dryness - patches and scaling, acne and bumps due to ingrown hair. If you experience any of these skin issues, give your body an exfoliation before applying moisturizer or body oil. The hydrating products will work better than ever!
3. Promote blood circulation and detox
A body scrub boosts natural blood circulation and flow of bodily fluids, which encourages your body to detox by releasing toxins and fat that lurk within the skin. This is why most professional massage therapists will incorporate a body scrub in a spa treatment, because more circulation benefits for you.
4. Reduce muscle soreness
Body scrub is often used by athletics to reduce soreness post workout. The scrubbing motion and additional blood circulation release tension in the muscle, relieving muscle ache and soreness. Along with a warm bath, the skin will absorb essential mineral salts in the body scrub to help the body restore to healthy state.
5. The natural glow
When you look good, you feel good. Refreshing your appearance for the physical properties has a way of gifting you with some emotional benefits too. After a body scrub, you’ll notice that your skin will be glowing, your stress will be less and your confidence will have that extra kick.

Finding the Right Body Scrub for your Skin

To achieve a healthy skin, a twice a week body scrub with the right ingredient for your skin type is key. So, what should you look out for?

Sensitive skin: For those who turn red to the touch, it is important to choose a body scrub that is non-abrasive and full of soothing ingredients. Look for sugar based body scrub infused with aloe and chamomile.
Dry skin or patchy Skin: If your skin is dry or if you notice areas on your skin that are scaling or patchy, try out a body scrub that has gentle exfoliants like fine grinded salt to clear away the dry flaky dead skin cells. Also, look for shea butter or almond oil in the body scrub to replenish necessary moisture for your skin.
Oily skin or prone to body acne: Treat oily or skin prone to body acne with a body scrub containing clarifying and anti-inflammation ingredients to break up impurities and calm your skin from stress. Try out body scrubs with Matcha or Peppermint oil.
Combination skin: It is important to find a balanced body scrub for combination skin. Choose body scrubs with mineral salt and essential oils to restore the skin’s pH level and stimulate blood circulation.

Our Favourite – Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Himalayan salt contains up to 84 nourishing and skin-replenishing trace minerals which helps to balance the skin’s pH, stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins from the body. Blended with natural coconut oil and sugar, the body scrub hydrates the skin and even your skin tone with its rich vitamin E and antioxidants.

Himalayan salt can soothe muscle soreness and joints, making the Himalayan salt body scrub a calming bath essential post a long work day. Gently scrub your body with pink salt before rinsing, and let warm water further reduce any tightness and swelling. It is recommended to have a body scrub twice a week for maximum benefits.

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